“I am not an organized person by nature.  Not even a little bit.  The Organizer Chicks created systems that even I can keep up with!  After several months, the spaces they organized are STILL organized! Pantry, cabinet spaces, shoes…all still in order!  Also, I am completely comfortable with them in my home!  The Organizer Chicks are honest, sweet, and I never feel like they’re judging my lack of organizational skills!”

 ~ April, Rogers AR

“The Organizer Chicks truly revolutionized my kitchen. I can now “shop” my pantry and see what I have at a glance. Making dinner or a shopping list has never been easier!”

~ Cheryl, Fayetteville AR

“Before I met The Organizer Chicks, my craft room was such a mess that I didn’t even want to go in there.  The Organizer Chicks worked with me, step by step, through everything in that space, and helped me find a home for all of my supplies.  My craft room is AMAZING now, with 5 designated spaces for the different types of arts and crafts that I do.  I use it every day now, and am proud to show it off to my friends and family.”

 ~ Julia, Bentonville AR

“I contacted The Organizer Chicks to help us pack for an out-of-state move and  I got a response right away. That was my first clue I was going to be happy with my choice to go with them.  We blocked off time for the packing and they were so quick and efficient they were done earlier than originally planned. Which saved me money!

I was also impressed with the thought and care that went in to packing all our belongings. I felt like they treated our items like they were your own. The lady packing my daughters room and playroom has children of her own so knew exactly which toys should be grouped together.  Same with my clothes and shoes. They packed jackets together, pants together, “summer” clothes together, “winter” clothes together.

As a female, I felt very comfortable to have four women going through my belongings as well as being alone in the same house. I loved how all of you knew the importance of some goods that we may still need and how to pack them accordingly.

Another thing I was so impressed with was how organized and detailed the Inventory Sheets were – each box with a special code, and a detailed list showing the code and contents of each individual box!  This has saved me a lot of headaches of trying to figure out where something I need is. I can highly recommend this company, and would hire them again in an instant.  Thank you, The Organizer Chicks!”

~Dolores, Bentonville AR


“Thank you so much for coming over. Also, thanks for being non-judgmental as you work. I already feel better and am looking forward to working with you. Whew!”

~Dakotah S, Springdale AR


“Omg. I’m so happy!!!!”

April P, Fayetteville – via text message sent after an organizing session


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