Process & Pricing

The organizing process starts with a scheduled appointment for one of The Organizer Chicks coming to do an in-home consultation, the charge for which is $60. The consultation is where you show us the area(s) that you want help with and we begin to brainstorm and problem solve. We often take pictures, measurements, or make sketches. We will sometimes make product recommendations (perhaps for shelving or bins, for example) at this time as well, though there is absolutely no requirement to make any purchases at all. During the consultation, our goal is to get a good feel for how you and your family use (or want to use) the spaces, and what your daily life is like in regard to those areas. The goal is to customize the organization to the way that you specifically need to use them.

After the consultation is complete, and we have any organizing tools we may need on hand, we will schedule time to get to work on the hands-on organizing. Organization sessions run for 4 hours at a time, as we find that this is an amount of time that allows you to experience a “before/after” feeling (or at least get a glimpse of that feeling, depending on the size of the task and the space), but not so much time that it’s exhausting and overwhelming.  

The fee for one organizer is $55/hour.  If you want to make a big impact in a short time, hiring more than one of The Organizer Chicks at a time gets the best bang for the buck.  A second (or subsequent) organizer bills at $50/hour.

If it’s cleaning service that you’re after, The Cleaning Crew, a division of The Organizer Chicks, is here to help! We have created a customized and simple process, with you in mind.

We have cut out the guesswork and estimations by using a simple $35/hour per cleaner flat rate for sporadic cleaning appointments.  This rate goes down to $30/hour per cleaner for regularly scheduled weekly or biweekly cleanings. We start by emailing you a checklist with each potential cleaning task detailed, room by room, and you select the tasks that you’d like to have done. If you need to set a time limit, simply number the checklist in order of priority and we will start with task #1 and work our way down the list, getting as far as we can in the time allotted.

This method allows our cleaning process to be exactly what you want, not what the cleaner assumes you want, and it assures that you in are control of your budget. We will make recommendations of the number of cleaners you’ll need based on a few factors, such as the square footage of your house and the tasks you’d like completed.

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